Last Mile Boxes

Snaile sends your smart device a message when you have mail in your mailbox
Our easy-to-install mailbox tray and notification service allows for Postal Operators to manage their inventory of passive parcel lockers or consumers to make retrieving their mail easier.

Our service provides consumers all the following benefits:

• Easy to install for all mailboxes
• Simple alerts when you receive mail
• No wasted time & money for unnecessary mailbox trips
• Less car idling & reduced emissions for a positive environment impact

Our Parcel Locker Inventory service provides Postal Operator all the following benefits:
• Easy to install for all parcel lockers
• Data as to the status of (full or empty) of your parcel locker inventory
• Aging of parcels within parcel lockers to determine when they should go back to retail
• Inventory of available lockers for use


How does it work?

A Consumer Mail Notification Application


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Large Snaile Device
30.5cm w x 7.5cm h x 43cm d

small Snaile Device
14cm w x 13.25cm h x 45.5cm d

snaile battery
Lithium AA 1.5V

Snaile Accessibility tray
30.5cm w x 7.5cm h x 43cm d

For Postal Operator’s Parcel Lockers

P.O. Box

Customer Stories

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Stephen D.

For sometime now I have been searching for a method of letting me know when there is mail for me. You see I have a couple of disabilities namely Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes. In order for me to get to our mailboxes I have to take my electric chair. It is very maddening to reach our mailbox only to find there is nothing there. So that is a wasted trip. It is very hard for me to get ready to go and get my mail. The Snaile mail device is just what I needed. It will now alert me that there is mail for me

FAQs for Canadians

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Introductory Questions

Q: How does Snaile work?

A: Snaile has been designed with simplicity in mind for the end user. You install the Snaile tray into your community mailbox and configure your notifications. From there, the device LED technology detects any mail left in the tray and notifies you when it is delivered.

Q: Does my community mailbox need to be modified in any way?

A: No. The Snaile tray is installed directly into your CMB with no additional modifications necessary. There are two sizing options for the tray, so make sure you choose the right one for your installation.

Q: What size mailbox does Snaile fit into?

A: There are currently two sizes for the Snaile tray. The first size fits the dimensions of newer CMB installations of 30.5cm W x 7.5cm H x 43cm D. A smaller tray is also available for the older style CMBs which measure 14cm W x 13.25cm H x 45.5cm D.

Q: Does Snaile detect the difference between my personal mail and promotional mail?

A: To stop getting unaddressed advertising, simply put a note on your mailbox stating that you do not wish to receive Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™(formerly Unaddressed Admail). Place the note in or on your mailbox, or on the inside lip of your community mailbox, group mailbox or postal box.

Battery Use & Replacement

Q: What kind of batteries does Snaile use?

A: Snaile uses 5 AA batteries. In temperatures that do go below -18°C, you may use alkaline AA 1.5V batteries. However, you may notice a decrease in battery life when temperatures approach the -18°C threshold.

In climates that go below -18°C, it is important that you use AA 1.5V lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are more resilient against the cold weather and will continue to operate in temperatures as low as -40°C. Snaile offers their own Snaile branded lithium batteries at less than the prevailing market rate and in quantities equal to what the Snaile device requires (5).

Q: How long will the batteries last?

A: The batteries have been benchmarked to run for one year. Battery life may be affected by cold weather, however.

Mobile Networks & Notification Information

Q: How does Snaile send out notifications?

A: Snaile has selected Bell Mobility to provide their Canadian cellular network services for each unit. Bell’s network covers 98% of the Canadian population to ensure the maximum availability for subscribers.

Q: Do I need a special cellular telephone or plan for notifications?

A: No. Snaile will work with any mobile device and corresponding plan that allows text messages.

Q: Can more than one person receive text notifications?

A: Yes. You may set up more than one telephone number to receive text notifications.

Q: Will other users be notified when mail is picked up?

A: Yes. Snaile will send out notifications to all designated recipients after mail has been removed from your CMB.

User Configuration & Notification Settings

Q: How often will Snaile tell me when I have mail?

A: By default, Snaile will only send out one notification per day.

Q: How are the phone numbers programmed into Snaile?

A: It is easy to add or change notification recipients by texting Snaile the commands. Follow the instructions to ensure all your preferred recipients are added.

Service & Subscription Information

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: Snaile does not require any contracts. Instead, you prepay for each year of service. If you want to cancel your service, simply contact us and arrange a return of your Snaile device at the end of your subscription year.

Q: What happens when my subscription expires?

A: You will be notified by text in advance when your Snaile subscription is expiring. You may then choose to renew your subscription for another year online or by telephone. If you want to cancel your subscription, simply notify us at the end of your subscription year and return your Snaile device.

Q: What happens if I don’t return the Snaile device?

A: Your credit card will be billed at the prevailing Snaile replacement cost. Please contact Snaile to determine what that cost is at the time.


Q: What do I do if Snaile stops working?

A: In many cases a simple battery replacement will resolve your issues. However, if your device begins to malfunction in any other way, contact us immediately. Our team can remotely troubleshoot your device to determine the issue affecting it. If we determine a fault or a more significant repair, simply ship your device back to us for further diagnosis. We’ll send you a replacement as quickly as possible to ensure ongoing service.

Getting Snaile

Q: When will Snaile go live?

A: Snaile will be deployed in three phases. Phase 1 pre-registration is currently in progress where we are collecting emails of people who are interested and want to be notified of the official launch. You can learn more by visiting our website at

Phase 2 is a soft launch scheduled for January 2016 when those who have pre-registered will be offered a Snaile device for purchase. Please note that there will be a limited quantity available in Phase 2.

Phase 3 will be the hard launch where everyone will have access to purchase Snaile devices. The anticipated launch date is scheduled for Q1 2016.

Q: How do I get a Snaile device?

A: Visit to learn more about the company, the service, and how to obtain your own device.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Subscription rates are currently being determined and will be available soon.

Other Information

Q: Who owns the Snaile device?

A: Snaile Inc. owns all Snaile devices. You pay a yearly subscription fee for the notification services provided by the Snaile device.

Q: Who owns the SIM card inside the Snaile device?

A: Snaile Inc. owns the SIM card inside the Snaile device. The telephone number associated with each SIM is securely held and will be removed from devices returned for replacement or subscription cancellation.

Q: Is Snaile patented?

A: Snaile has a patent-pending status in Canada, in the United States and under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Q: Is Snaile PTCRB certified?

A: Each Snaile device uses a PTCRB certified UMTS/HSPA module featuring a maximum data rate of 7.2Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps uplink.

About the Company

Q: Who is Snaile?

A: Snaile Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company based out of Huntsville, Ontario.

Q: Where is Snaile made?

A: Snaile is 100% Canadian designed and engineered. Snaile is assembled in Canada with imported parts.


Host Snaile in your Country

Snaile is looking for deployment partners outside of North America for their first and last mile notification devices. The main stakeholders would be Postal Services, Telecommunications companies or Technology companies interested in the Internet of Things. We are available as a white label (your own brand)

Local requirements to get started:

  1.  Cellular or Wi-Fi service within the deployment area
  2. Permission (usually required) from the Postal Service to place free standing Snaile hardware inside mailboxes

Got something else in mind?
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Snaile is changing how the passive mail system operates by bringing it forward into the Internet of Things. Offering Snaile within your operation gives your customers a convenient option to be notified whenever they receive new mail, allows your Postal Service the ability to be notified when there is mail in your street level mailboxes to be picked up and helps increase P.O. Box utilization rates. This simple premises have helped to revolutionize the mail industry, moving it forward into the new generation of convenience, accessibility, efficiencies and revenue potential.

Our mail notification trays are changing the way consumers & post operators understand and use their mailboxes – an everyday element of their lives. Our system can allow for a new revenue source through subscription-based services that add convenience within consumers’ lives.

For postal service operations, now is the time to partner with Snaile. We’re working to reinvigorate the way the world thinks about their mail and we’re making things better for everyone – consumers, postal services, and businesses within the mail industry itself.


Integrating Snaile into your postal service operations yields an expansive range of benefits – both for your operation and your customers alike. These include all of the following:

Greater Customer Convenience
Through our technology driven tray platform, we have completely revamped how the mail system works for consumers. Formerly, mail was asynchronous and non-intuitive. Consumers would check the mail without knowing whether or not they had anything waiting for them – often causing wasted trips to the mailbox.

Our convenient notification trays only alert consumers when they receive mail, providing a much greater level of convenience. This also prevents unnecessary trips, wasted time, and wasted gas to drive to the mailbox.

Direct Advantages to Disabled Customers or Those with Mobility Issues
While many people take something like a trip to the post box for granted, others may experience much more discomfort and distress in this process. Snaile gives people a direct alert whenever they have mail. That way, customers with disabilities or mobility issues will never have to worry about taking the effort to retrieve their mail only to find nothing waiting for them.

Revenue Potential Through Subscription Services
As a subscription service, Snaile ensures guaranteed revenue from ongoing subscribers. In a climate where traditional mail services have declined, this type of revenue model can provide immense financial benefits to postal services.


One of the most powerful advantages Snaile brings you is direct insight into consumer habits, preferences and behavior. This type of data is an extraordinarily valuable commodity to learn how to better serve customers – and better innovate within the declining mail industry.

Insights into consumer data and trends will yield all sorts of specific advantages:

• Better Understand Peak Visitation Times  and Related Mailbox Trends

• Measure Timing Trends for Length of Time  in Box After Notification

• Measure Differences in Various Areas,  Neighborhoods, etc.

• Increase Parcel Visibility to Improve  Throughput

• Identify Trends for Delivery Personnel,  Length of Time to Send to Retail, etc.

Understanding these trends can help the postal industry to better serve their customers. Over time, this can add a significant amount of value for customers – and better contribute toward financially viable plans for future postal operations.

Critical Data for the Mail Industry
That data side of Snaile’s implementation will also add significant value to those within the direct mail industry. Mailers want their letters opened and read. Notification can have a positive effect on the overall value of mail as a marketing source by increasing the frequency of pick-ups as well as the opening and response rates.

Enhanced Safety & Security
Another important concern for mailbox and parcel locker customers comes in the safety and security aspect. Snaile’s patented SnaileGUARD technology helps to address this issue directly. Through both new and current installations, SnaileGUARD can give both customers and postal services an enhanced opportunity for security and theft prevention.

Passive mailboxes and passive parcel lockers can offer no form of security or notification about access. Customers can rest assured that their mail remains secure within a Snaile-based solution. And additional tools such as cloud-based video surveillance can add even more safety, security and stability to any postal installation.

Learn More Today
From customers to partners, Snaile brings you a wealth of benefits within any mail or post operation. Our services help with parcel visibility, security, consumer behavior insights, physical network management, location analysis, and even throughput improvements. All of these will come together to improve the customer experience and enhance your unique value proposition for ongoing business.

Stop waiting and start changing how you and your customers approach mail. Contact us today to see just how quickly and easily you can partner with Snaile for a brighter future in mail and post.