How parcel locker content detection technology will help postal operators manage parcels

How parcel locker content detection technology will help postal operators manage parcels
14 Mar 2016

Many postal operators, such as Canada Post and Singapore Post, have elected to install mechanical parcel lockers as part of their delivery network in a bid to resolve “last mile” delivery problems or costs. This allows the postal operator to place the parcel in the locker following the first delivery attempt, giving the customer access via a key placed in the customer’s mailbox. These parcel lockers are installed so one parcel locker can serve many customers.

However, there are three key questions that arise from use of this procedure:

1. Which passive parcel lockers are full and which are vacant to accept new parcels?

2. How long have the parcels been in the locker?

3. Which parcels should be returned to the retail location today?

The answers to these questions can be provided by installing Snaile’s content detection technology into the mechanical parcel lockers. This gives the postal operator the ability to detect parcel throughput and manage locker inventory for new parcels that are ready to be delivered to the parcel lockers.

Another benefit of our technology as it pertains to the passive parcel locker inventory application is to alert the customer of the arrival of their non-tracked parcel by notify them of something in their mailbox (the key in this case and using Snaile consumer mail notification technology), prompting them to visit their mailbox then to follow through by pick up the parcel from the locker. This improves pickup frequency, clearing the locker to allow the operator to place new parcels in the storage unit. This is a superior system to removing the uncollected parcel and returning it to the retail location without having prompted the customer to come and pick up.


Patrick Armstrong