Newest Advisory Board Member, Mr. Adrian King

Newest Advisory Board Member, Mr. Adrian King
23 Mar 2016

Adrian has been a strategy and business development consultant for 25 years.

He has worked across a wide range of sectors, however for the last 20 years his primary focus has been on the Postal Sector.

His Postal consulting started with Sweden Post the first market to liberalize and over ten years he worked with the Letters Management Board on a wide range of productivity, commercialization business development, operational change and business development issues. Since then he has lead over >150 projects for over 20 organizations worldwide.

His consulting focus is on strategic positioning, commercialization, regulation, new business development, e-commerce and organizational change. He works in or leads diverse multi-national project teams and has core skills in strategic analysis, economic and business analysis, and business development planning.

His consulting career had largely been based in two organizations Omega Partners and the Strategia Group. He was a founder employee of Omega and became an equity partner at age 29. He then founded the Strategia Group which continues to work in the sectors identified above and works within a network of senior industry practitioners and consultants. Whilst working with these two organizations he had had the opportunity to work and partner with a number of the leading international consulting firms


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