Postal RFID

Snaile Smart Passive RFID Tag Reader to Cloud Device & Software

Lowering the overall cost & increasing accuracy of Quality of Service (QoS) survey measurements for the Postal Universal Service Obligation (USO)


  • Proven technology tested for 10-months daily in two countries by a leading 3rd party postal survey company
  • Standard 3+ months battery life (optional higher capacity battery available)
  • All weather performance
  • Reads low cost passive RFID tags
  • Can read & write to tags
  • Easy to use by survey panelists. Put in place and forget about it.
  • Sends secure (HTTPS) data to (or can be white labeled)
  • Powerful GSM antenna to transmit over the cellular network from within mailboxes
  • Can be used in first and last mile RFID applications
  • No personal information transmitted ensures compliance with privacy laws & concerns
  • Hosted on industry leading Amazon Web Services (can be relocated)
  • Much less expensive than other active tag RFID reader systems
  • Reads and transmits up to 50 tags per read
  • Reads tags up to 1m away
  • Programmable read intervals and operational time range
  • Available as a white label product
  • API data out from available
  • Meets EPC Global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C & ETSI EN 302 208
  • Operating frequency range between 840-960MHZ depending on market